Y-Z STUDIO 2017 Spring/ Summer collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection 'Social Anxiety Disorder' was inspired by those people who have been controlled by social media and smartphones. By adding hashtags of #unfollowme, #unfriendme, and #unlikeme on clothes to show the resistance of how people see you through the social media. Y-Z STUDIO also creates the shapes of bending arms for the sleeves and using the charging cables as details in the whole collection to express how people has been obsessed with using smartphones. This season, Y-Z STUDIO collaborates with a talented Taiwan-based illustrator Sic Lee who designed and drew the graphics for the collection.

本季 ”Social Anxiety Disorder社交焦慮症“的靈感來自於那些被社交媒體以及手機所控制的人們。藉由社交媒 體的標簽方式將 #unfollowme, #unfriendme 以及 #unlikeme 的字樣放置在衣服上來表達、抗拒讓別人透過社交媒 體來認識自我。本季Y-Z STUDIO將所有袖子的版型做了扭曲,成為彎曲的弧度,以及將充電線穿插在服裝上 來暗喻手機不離身的低頭族。2017春夏服裝系列與台灣插畫藝術家 Sic Lee合作,請他設計並繪製了一系列插畫 來融合本季的主題。